Comusina Celan Bouillet (b 1985) is a mixed media painter based in Houston, Texas. As the child of a builder, she watched as materials were manipulated and joined together to form dozens of homes. This early exposure to the building process continues to be a source of inspiration. After being awarded a fellowship to paint in San Jose, Costa Rica, and later a residency in northern Germany, Celan began to question the meaning of location, home, and our tenuous relationships to both place and other people. Celan lived in Munich, Germany for a year after graduation from the University of Georgia for cultural and language immersion; after which, she relocated to New Orleans, LA to begin her professional career as a painter. The city’s history as a port and stories of recovery after Katrina inspired Celan’s series titled “Home Sweet Home” – combining fables and imagined landscapes. Celan recently completed her MFA at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore.
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